Post Report WHC 2019

The World Halal Conference 2019 (WHC 2019) is a two-day gathering of over 1,200 delegates from more than 50 countries to share information, exchange ideas and to determine and recommend the way forward for the global halal economy.

Attended by Ministers, Ambassadors, Captains of Industry, recognised Halal Experts and key Halal stakeholders with the Closing Ceremony graced by the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, YB Dr Radzi Jidin.

There was a total of nine panel sessions with the participation of over 20 panellists, experts in their various fields. Topics covered included the relevance of the Halal industry to global integration, the global Halal Economic Revolution and its implications, the contribution of Islamic Finance towards Halal economic growth, ensuring a Sustainable Halal Ecosystem, the state of the Halal industry in Indonesia, Vietnam and UAE and also focused on the Emerging Halal sectors such as Healthcare, Tourism, Modest Fashion, Media and Branding.

TExcellence Awards were also handed out during the Conference, in recognition of individuals and organisations that have made positive contributions towards the development of the Halal industry both in Malaysia and in the international arena.

As a result of key issues raised and deliberated upon during the Conference, an important list of Recommendations was announced by the Vice President , Industry Development Division, Halal Industry Development Corporation, Mr Hanisofian Alias. These Recommendations included:

It is hoped that with the adoption of the above Recommendations, participants of the Conference will support the efforts of the diverse international community to promote a more Robust Halal Economy through Global Integration and Ethical Practice.